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KPI Holds its First Filipino Officer Conference in 2012

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Mr. Trygve Seglem

Mr. Trygve Seglem
Capt. Einar Aaserud
Mr. Arne Fylkesnes
Capt. Hilmar Lund-Andersen
Capt. John Helland
Mr. Lars Hanoy
Filipino officers during the open forum
Participants conducting a group discussion

Knutsen Philippines Inc. (KPI) gathered its Filipino Officers last March 5 - 7, 2012 at MMLDC (now "First Pacific Leadership Academy"), Antipolo City for the KOAS-KNYKOT Manila 2012 Filipino Officer Conference.

This Conference is part of the company's continuous improvement in enhancing seafarer's competence and providing relevant updates.

At the opening program, Capt. Einar Aaserud (Owner's Representative) gave his welcome address, while Capt. Leopoldo Arcilla and Mr. Bryant Arcilla, (KPI's., Inc. President, and General Manager, respectively) expressed their heartfelt gratitude to all the conference attendees.

The conference's program proper began with Mr. Arne Fylkesnes (Knutsen OAS Human Resource Director) providing updates on the KOAS and KNOT Human Resources department; followed by Capt. John Helland (KOAS Fleet Manager for product/chemical tankers) giving highlights on technical-issue focus. Then, Capt. Hilmar Lund-Andersen (KOAS Vetting Manager) discussed important points on improvement for vetting issues; and Mr. Lars Hanøy (KOAS Safety and Security Manager) presented topics on "We are Committed to Safety", "Active Leadership" skill development, and important security points.

One particular highlight was the visit of Mr. Trygve Seglem (KOAS Managing Director and CEO of TS Shipping Invest), who gave an updated account of the company's present status and future opportunities. Everyone was honored to have been part of Mr. Seglem's first visit to the officer conference.

The conference was concluded by industry and corporate updates given by KPI’s service partners and department heads.

From this point onwards, the company looks forward to a promising future with all its personnel, both onboard and onshore. 

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