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Knutsen Philippines, Inc. Relief Operation in: Estancia, IloIlo; Medellin, Cebu and Cuartero, Capiz

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In response to the massive devastation caused by typhoon Yolanda, Knutsen Philippines, Inc.’s office made an effort in contacting the families of the crew members residing in the provinces of Visayas to know their whereabouts and safety conditions.  Thankfully, there was a zero casualty from the families of the seafarers,  although some houses were severely destroyed, which urged them to put up a temporary shelter as it will take time to rebuild its structure.

On 16th November 2013, Knutsen Philippines, Inc. conducted a simultaneous relief operation in IloIlo  and Cebu provinces, in cahoots with the IloIlo and Cebu Family Chapters.  The organized Relief Operation was focused on the typhoon-stricken families in the ravaged areas of Ilo-Ilo and Cebu provinces. These  activities was also suggested by the families of the seafarers who were less vulnerable, to conduct an outreach program to the affected communities.  Some of the seafarers’ families also received relief goods.

Among the cities in IloIlo, Estancia was among the worst affected town and many people died during the onslaught of typhoon Yolanda. To alleviate some of the families from this disaster, an initial Relief Operation was conducted in this area. We were advised that we were group who supplied relief goods for 300 families in that particular barangay for the first time for almost a week, therefore, the people are in great despair to obtain these basic needs.

On the other hand, relief distribution in the island community of Brgy. Gitbingil in town of Medellin in Cebu was remarkably successful, there are more than 460 families that were recipient of the relief goods. This was in cooperation with the volunteers from Knutsen Cebu Family Chapter and local non-government organization.  The residents of the community are very much thankful for the goods Knutsen Philippines, Inc. brought them; the village organizers was very grateful for the drinking water that was included in the relief goods distributed because there was no source of fresh water in their area.

Following the operation in Estancia, the same effort was conducted on 24th November 2013 to the communities in Cuartero, Capiz, province in Panay Island were more than 300 families received relief goods. Over-all, the whole activity was a great success not just because of the relief goods that have reached the families who are desperate for food, water and other assistance but through the gesture and humanitarian effort the company has extended to the communities in these trying times.  This may seem a simple deed for us but has brought a positive impact in the lives of our fellowmen. 

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