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KPI Employees Familiarizes Further into the Maritime Industry

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Presentation of Relevant Updates Regarding STCW 2010

Presentation of Relevant Updates Regarding STCW 2010
MLC 2006 Familiarization
The seminar participants pose for a photo with trainers from COMPASS Training Center

Knutsen Philippines Inc. recently implemented a series of intra-office activities and seminars meant to further enhance the knowledge and familiarization of its personnel into the maritime industry which they serve. In this regard, seminars and site visits were done over a series of months, providing in-depth exposure of KPI employees into the maritime industry. On 25 May 2013, an in-house STCW 2010 and MLC 2006 Familiarization Seminar was conducted through the support of COMPASS Training Center, one of KPI’s choice maritime-related training service providers. Over the following weeks, the same participants were also graciously given a personal tour of COMPASS’s training facilities, which offered a meaningful glimpse into the skills and personal facets essential to the development of outstanding seafarers. KPI’s personnel were also able to use informational resources specific to Knutsen OAS, as they held weekly presentations of all videos produced by Knutsen OAS. After each video presentation, each participant was given a chance to reflect and share what they’ve learned, and how they could apply those same lessons to their personal & work environments.  All KPI employees felt especially privileged for this opportunity, as they were provided the chance to be more familiar with not only the professional aspects of a seafarers’ career, but also with the specific qualities and standards unique to the Knutsen OAS company which they faithfully serve. 

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