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Knutsen Philippines, Inc. Implements Emergency Response Bill across its Family Chapters

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The KPI delegation poses with officers and members of the Davao Family Chapter

The KPI delegation poses with officers and members of the Davao Family Chapter
The KPI delegation shares a memorable meal and meaningful ideas with representatives of the Iloilo Family Chapter.
The KPI delegation bonding with officers and members of the Cebu Family Chapter.

In its efforts to ensure consistent support to the families and loved ones of its valued seafarers, especially in times of widespread crises, Knutsen Philippines, Inc. recently implemented an Emergency Response Bill within its organization and across its Family Chapters. This Bill articulates various possible crisis scenarios that require immediate action from the company, and identifies all affected stakeholders, including its seafarers’ and their beloved. In this regard, KPI also harnessed the support and capabilities of its Family Chapters to ensure its effective implementation, especially when during uncertain times when providing timely information and necessary support becomes all the more crucial for any affected seafarers’ families and loved ones.

A delegation from the KPI office, namely President and General Manager Mr. Bryant Arcilla, Family Relations Manager Ms. Mervyn Fernandez, Crewing Supervisor Ms. Joy Suerte, and Human Resources Manager and P&I Representative Ms. Daisy Villasenor, personally met with each Family Chapter in Manila, Cebu, Iloilo, and Davao to disseminate this Plan and discuss its function within each Chapter. The delegation was likewise deeply grateful for the generously warm hospitality they consistently receive from each Chapter over the course of their visits. Each meeting was also an excellent opportunity for the KPI delegation to make the most of this privilege of getting further acquainted with each of the Chapter officers and members in attendance, who would also become as dedicated in extending support and guidance to the families under their charge. 

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