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Knutsen Philippines, Inc. Employees Undergo Time & Stress Management Seminar

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KPI Personnel pose with the seminar trainer by day's end.

KPI Personnel pose with the seminar trainer by day's end.
The course exercise where everyone declared, "We will manage stress as a team!'
Even at the very start of the program, all participants were engaged in dynamic group activities that compelled personal interaction with each other.
Group discussions and personal sharing were an integral part of the seminar.
Each participant contributed to a different, significant role in the successive group discussions.
The whole team built further on the camaraderie they enjoy with each other during the individual- and group activities.
Everyone made most of each other's time and effort in each group discussion.
The day was filled with many enjoyable moments.
Each one of the participant's presence and effort made this experience all the more memorable and valuable for everyone involved.
Mr. Eric Monte, Principal Trainer

In its interest of investing in the holistic development of all its dedicated personnel, Knutsen Philippines, Inc. recently held a Time and Stress Management Seminar for all its employees. This seminar was held under the tutelage of Mr. Eric Monte, who is the Principal Trainer and Management Consultant of the Mentor Group, Philippines.

In the same show of commitment to their duties, all KPI personnel arrived prompt and early to this seminar scheduled last 29 July 2014. Despite that date being a declared Philippine public holiday, the day was used instead for this training opportunity.

Throughout it, all the participants engaged in valuable, intensive lessons regarding stress, its effects, and various practical methods for managing it. The training was also interspersed with activities for personal reflection, as well as chances for each one to further know and appreciate each other as they face together this common workplace occurrence. “We will manage stress as a team,” even became a unified statement declared by the whole group at one point during the day. 

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